Why Landing Pages are Vital Tools for Recruiters

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You are busy staffing a client’s business, filling those jobs, looking for candidates. At the other end of the process are the people searching for work or a career. You meet in the listings of a search engine and they click through.

What then awaits them? In their job search for a specific post, series of posts, or type of work they wish to do, they simply find themselves at the home page of your career site or recruiting agency. From here, they are now expected to find their way to where you both want them to be.

No – not working. When any potential candidate for a certain job makes that click, it’s essential that they are taken to a landing page that is specific to the search they have made. Once there, not only do they find the content about the role they are interested in, but you can add so much more to make the most of this inbound marketing opportunity.

Inbound Marketing Tools for Recruiters  

Here’s your chance to move them up the interest ladder, to make them want to be considered for the post or posts you are advertising. Many businesses forget their selling jobs when recruiting, yet if the person they’d like to hire isn’t persuaded to work for them, then the process falls apart.

Landing pages are the vital tool to provide the information, offer the benefits, relevant testimonials, and then make a call to action. The right individual for the job should arrive at the page as an candidate and move on from it as a applicant.

There is one further task that effectively created landing pages can accomplish. This is to discourage those who simply aren’t qualified to undertake the role from applying. These pages should encourage the viable candidates to carry on, and those who simply don’t meet the qualifications to move elsewhere in the search for the role best suited to their talents.

In these ways, carefully crafted landing pages are a key part of the recruitment process.

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