The Alpha Agency: Marketing Tips for Recruiters

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As digital content takes over the marketing world and new technology creates more opportunities for growth, more people are flocking to the most in-demand professions. Your pool of qualified candidates might be getting bigger, but the attention spans of your target audience are also getting shorter. Modern recruiting efforts must take this new wave of advertising and talent acquisition into account. If you want to build a team that can accomplish your specific goals and last for years to come, you need to abandon conventional and generic approaches. Instead, harness the power of specialized talent and zero in on specific recruiting strategies to fill each open position. 

Re-brand to target specific talent communities 

Start by focusing on the individual talent you’re trying to acquire. If the demand for certain skills is particularly competitive — for example, IT positions that involve coding or web design — then you need to distinguish yourself from other companies in order to attract qualified applicants to your company before they try elsewhere. You want first pick of only the most eligible candidates, so you need to avoid unremarkable job announcements, sparse applications, and generic interview questions.


It isn’t always practical to customize all your recruiting techniques, but sometimes it’s worth your time to restructure your recruiting resources. Consider creating subdivisions that designate different representatives and portals to target different types of employees. These targeted resources will allow you to attract more qualified people and weed them out more carefully, giving you a better understanding of each individual and the relevant assets they can contribute to your company.

Prove you can relate to your audience

If you want your content and recruiters to effectively target particular talents, you must fine-tune them to blend in with each community. Employ these marketing tips for recruiters. For example, a coding-specific recruitment brand would involve job posts that include very specific language. Phrases like “hello world” are part of simple coding syntax, and they work much like “inside jokes” to tell programmers you’re part of the club. If you want to succeed in an industry that involves a lot of communication, keep your language clean and don’t be afraid to proofread as many times as it takes. Good writers and editors will catch even the simplest grammar errors or misuses of language, and if your company looks unprofessional as a result, they won’t bother applying.

Measure very specific skill sets during the application process

If your recruiting techniques are especially effective at attracting potential candidates, you still have some work ahead of you. Time is valuable, especially for people who are searching for a new and better job, and you can’t waste it trying to narrow down your pool of applicants. Instead, employ application strategies that tell you exactly how well each person can weather the demands of the job. Include workbook problems or real-life scenarios that require candidates to think critically and make decisions that affect the quality of their product or service. This will tell you how good they are at the basic job requirements, and give you an opportunity to recognize talent that goes above and beyond.

Be (or build) a “super” recruiter who makes an extra effort

As Bill Boorman reported for “Take the Interview”, recruiting has turned into a nuanced skill that is no longer a basic part of daily operations. Recruiting positions are multiplying faster than ever before, as companies realize how important it is to make an effort when they’re cultivating new talent. To decrease turnover rates and build a high-quality staff, you have the opportunity to focus solely on outreach and branding, but it has to be specific to be effective.

Next Level Recruiters

Modern recruiters should have an intimate understanding of the skills that are necessary for each job. For example, to recruit programmers you can harness the universal appeal of mobile devices, which are growing more and more usable for consumers and coders alike. Learn how to write a small web app. Whether it’s an app version of your company’s website or just a simple game, this will challenge you to think in more specific terms, and it will help you understand the industry better.

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