Why Relocating For A New Job Might Advance Your Career

by / Monday, 04 January 2016 / Published in Career Advice, Job Seekers, Tech

Relocating for a new job can be overwhelming, but too many people settle for an unfulfilling life instead of taking this leap. Don’t underestimate your own potential for growth, renewal, and professional success. If you stay informed about your value in the modern marketplace — and keep your skill set relevant, flexible, and attractive to recruiters — you may find new career opportunities that will transform your entire life for the better.

Explore and grow with a start-up 

You may already hold a stable position with a respected, long-established company. However, if your employer doesn’t emphasize growth or innovation, that doesn’t mean your career should remain stagnant. It might be time to amicably part ways and move on, so don’t be afraid to consider your options when you realize that your pay or job title have hit a plateau. Luckily, there are plenty of career opportunities with new, emerging companies that offer the potential for long-term growth.

A start-up environment is brimming with the promise of greatness, and your employers will be more likely to encourage creativity, collaboration, and new ideas. Relocation is already an excellent opportunity to take rewarding risks, but when you relocate to work for a start-up, you broaden your professional horizon even more.

Enjoy higher pay and better benefits 

If you have a highly marketable skill or work in a booming industry, such as information technology (IT), you might not have a reason to consider other roles or careers. However, the value of your current position will fluctuate from region to region, so it’s important to keep your options open and learn more about the opportunities available in other cities. You might be able to perform the same essential job duties for a higher salary and better, more comprehensive benefits, just by moving to a city with a more competitive job market.

Seek new cultures and communities

Relocation is an invaluable opportunity to gain new experiences, and that’s not limited to your professional career. Your personal life could also flourish in a new city, especially if you find a position in a city that’s more aligned with your particular cultural background, interests, climate preferences, or social habits. If you’re unsatisfied with your current hometown and don’t have much interest in going out on weekends, your life already revolves too heavily around your career. This can lead to burnout and resentment, so don’t let yourself feel stuck for too long. Boost your productivity by switching to surroundings that make you happy.

Recruiters and Relocation

Recruiters zero in on today’s most in-demand skills, so if you’re contacted by a recruiting service, take it as a sign that you’re on the right track. Social media is a powerful networking tool, especially for professionals who want to fast-track their careers, so if you want to keep your relocation options open, make sure your online image is an accurate and flattering representation of your value as an employee (or executive). And most importantly, always keep an eye on the market and don’t rule out living in a city with more opportunities for growth. When a company makes an effort to recruit you, they will often cover the cost of relocation and adjust your salary to meet higher cost-of-living standards, so your dream job might be more accessible than you think.


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