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What's Next for 2016?
Discover the hottest job for 2016. Learn which certification programs are in demand for the coming year.

IT budgets are currently at a five year high (since 2013), and progressive companies are looking to develop new software applications and systems that boost business performance.
Other reasons why firms are looking for software innovation are to reduce operation costs and to expand their reach into the fast growing digital marketplace.
The result is an increase in development and programming projects, making computer programmers the most sought after IT professionals in the year 2016.

Here is a list of the best computer programming certifications likely to land you a job in 2016.



Java programming is a recurrent favorite programming language among software developers. Its versatility and power are just some of the reasons why it is going to be one of the top programming languages for 2015. Java is the basis of Android applications, and the proliferation of Android devices will continue to change the way people live. Android is also the world’s most dominant mobile OS with the demand for its programmers likely to flourish. However, Java’s marketability goes beyond mobile; according to professional job sites, one in five of thousands of posts mention a requirement for Java knowledge.



Currently, SQL (Structured Query Language) development has over a 100,000 job offers worldwide. While SQL is not capable of handling unstructured, massive “big data” sets, most businesses will settle for it to analyze and develop corporate databases for actionable intelligence. Some of the trending job titles for IT professionals with SQL skills include data scientist, database developer, and business analyst.



ASP.Net is a Microsoft developed scripting language that helps in the construction of enterprise-class web applications without inputting much code. As part of the .NET Framework, ASP.NET allows programmers code applications in any language that is compatible with common language runtime (CLR) such as J#, Jscript.Net, C#, and Microsoft Visual Basic.



Best known for its database software, Oracle also offers cloud solutions, storage systems, servers as well as comprehensive certification programs. Some of the most popular developer credentials offered by Oracle include:
• Oracle Application Express Developer Certified Expert (Oracle APEX)
• Oracle Certified Java certifications at associate, professional, master, and expert levels
• Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) MySQL 5.6 Developer credential


Objective C

Objective C is another language that you ought to add to your programming arsenal for 2015. It will help you create applications for Apple Mac OS X and apps for iPods, iPads and iPhones. Objective C is a powerful programming language that has seen a tremendous increase in demand since the launching of iPhone in 2007.
As a language for making apps for the iOS devices, Objective C developers are some of the highest paid compared to what other mobile platform developers. With the launch of XCode6, Swift is the new programming language for the Cocoa touch platform. For Objective C programmers, Swift will be a breeze to learn and implement. By 2015, Swift programming will also be in high demand and the best time to learn and excel is now.
Among the certifications and programs listed above, professional programmers at all levels should find engaging and interesting topics. It is advisable to delve deeper into at least two of these offerings, talk with colleagues who have pursued them and weigh the money, effort, and time required against potential career payoffs.