Relocating for a new job can be overwhelming, but too many people settle for an unfulfilling life instead of taking this leap. Don’t underestimate your own potential for growth, renewal, and professional success. If you stay informed about your value in the modern marketplace — and keep your skill set relevant, flexible, and attractive to recruiters

You are busy staffing a client’s business, filling those jobs, looking for candidates. At the other end of the process are the people searching for work or a career. You meet in the listings of a search engine and they click through. What then awaits them? In their job search for a specific post, series

As digital content takes over the marketing world and new technology creates more opportunities for growth, more people are flocking to the most in-demand professions. Your pool of qualified candidates might be getting bigger, but the attention spans of your target audience are also getting shorter. Modern recruiting efforts must take this new wave of

Virtual and video job interviews are on the rise. A 2013 survey by Office Team indicated that 63% of companies now use video conferencing at some point in their interview processes. Last year, video made up nearly half of all mobile data traffic, and 79% of laptops have webcams built-in. It stands to reason, then,